Gumps Bridal Show

Last Sunday I participated in a very chic bridal event hosted by Gumps in San Francisco. Gumps sells and registers brides for the most elegant china, silver and housewares. It is also worth mentioning they have a wonderful wedding dress salon on the 4th floor but you have to make an appointment. (That's where I went first to try on wedding dresses!)
So, for this bridal event I worked with the visual designers at Gumps who were creating fantasy table displays. I made 6 faux cakes ranging from classical styles to an over the top sand castle pagoda. 
Possibly the most exciting creation I could showcase that afternoon was the custom wood cupcake stand my brother designed and MADE for me. He is a fantastic artist and wood sculptor, so I was so excited that he was able to make this gorgeous piece for me. There are detailed design elements that don't come through in the photo, so I"ll be posting professional shots soon. You can see more of his work and style at

The cupcake stand is filled with mini carrot cupcakes and whipped vanilla cream cheese icing topped with candied walnuts, and mini chocolate cupcakes topped with a mocha ganache. Delicious!