"Quality ingredients are just as important to me as impeccable design. We want your stunning cake to wow you and your guests not only with style, but also with flavor. The combinations of flavors and textures are endless."

Classic Chocolate Cake

glazed in coffee syrup and filled with layers of mocha fudge

Hazelnut Cake

lightly soaked in rum, then layered with thin ganache and hazelnut praline cream

Lemon Cake

soaked in a tart citrus syrup and layered with a smooth citrus creme

Classic White Cake

filled with raspberry puree, vanilla cream cheese filling and fresh strawberries

Chocolate Coconut Cake

filled with layers of ganache and toasted coconut cream

Red Velvet Cake

filled with layers of cream cheese icing

Salted Caramel Cake

filled with layers of salted caramel buttercream and toffee

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

filled with layers of raspberry puree and fudge