Faberge Cake at the Julia Morgan Ballroom

As some of you may know, I am absolutely in love with anything Faberge. I was so excited when I had a tasting with a Russian bride and her mom who were just as into a Faberge Cake Topper as I was. I have been thinking about this cake for months and was so inspired that I created a line of Faberge Egg Toppers. I'm submitting them to magazines, so just wait, they are really fun. I noticed that a lot of the Faberge eggs have portraits painted on them, so I decided to personalize Clarina and Patrick's topper with pictures of them and their dog. This means that everyone can have their own personalized Faberge Egg topper. I'm trying to start a trend, lets see if it catches on.

The groom was a policeman so we made him a cake in the shape of his badge.

Thanks to Natalie Wi of Allure West Studios who came with me to take pictures of the cake and me in action.