Exciting News

Monday March 3 (at 5:30 AM) I drove down to Los Angeles with two fake cakes for a photo shoot with YWD (Your Wedding Day) Magazine.This is such a huge deal for me because not only is YWD my favorite bridal magazine out there, but this is the first time Cake Coquette cakes will be featured in a national magazine. Huge!
I arrived at noon to the location of the shoot, which is the 20th Century Props warehouse in NorthHollywood . This place is an interior decorator's dream. It is filled from floor to ceiling with every type of furniture imaginable from all eras. Three event designers were choosen to create 2 sets each, using the amazing props, to evoke a certain era and look for a wedding. So six sets were being made and I provided cakes for two of them.
I assume that everything is confidential so you'll have to wait for the magazine to come out, and everyone I know will hear about that.